08 September 2011

A Reading of Chicago of the North by Hannah Godfrey
  • Thursday, August 8 - 6PM
  • a story stemming from her research-based installation on the member's wall P121

"If the thought of extracting money from Madam had ever crossed a Winnipegger's mind it would have been tied to the tracks of decency and disembowelled by the freight train of common sense..."

Tap dancing typists, a wallet made out of a dead dog's ears, the most notorious boozecan in the Prairies: this is the backdrop for the battle between the reigning Madam of the city and the dangerously greedy Chief of Police. Inspired in part by trawling through the PLATFORM online archive, this story is a work of Winnipeg Folklore.

Image. "Megan" by Debra Mosher

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