22 November 2012

again+again screening

For Immediate Release

again + again

PLATFORM: Off-site projects continues with our next and final event programmed in conjunction with our palimpsest year of research. PLATFORM is please to present an evening of film + video.

    Friday 30 November @ 8:30pm

Guest curated by Tom Kohut with the PLATFORM programming committee
Screening is free and all may attend
Doors open 8
Screening begins at 8:30
Black Lodge [3rd Floor Artspace Building, 100 Arthur St.]

This program, specifically prepared for PLATFORM Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts' year-long investigation of the palimpsest, explores how this concept is deployed in contemporary experimental film and video in Canada. All of the work presented here explores the dialectic of erasure and recovery that animates theories of the palimpsest: film is over-exposed or otherwise treated by hand as though it were itself a surface for inscription; found images and footage restores the otherwise forgotten and ignored; replication and imitation are explored as mnemotechnic; media archeological explorations ask whether what we can bring back to the surface can be apprehended separately from the specificity of their mode of dissolution. Showcasing the work of emerging and established Canadian film and video artists (e.g. Maddin, Phillips, Araneda), this program covers a wide-range of affects, techniques and experiences. No, actually, its really a lot of fun!

 Image: Kelsey Braun,  Explorations of Surface and Decay, 2011 (still).



1) Guy Maddin – Workbooks (Audition 1), 2005 | 5:00

Into Appearance

2) Kelsey Braun -  Explorations of Surface and Decay, 2011 | 8:00

3) Cecilia Araneda – What Comes Between, 2009 | 5:37

4) Isiah Medina – Semi-Auto Colours, 2011 | 6:10

5) aubriand (Carol O'Brien) – Time Away, 2007 | 7:00

Over Appearance

6) Heidi Phillips – Skydive, 2011 | 5:00

7) Mike Maryniuk – Asleep at the Wheel,  2005 | 3:00

To Erase, To Overwrite, To Return

8) Sabrina Ratt̩ РTransit, 2011 |4:00

9) Kandis Friesen + Nahed Mansour – Tape #158: Document 2B, 2011 | 7:03

10) Vincent Chevalier – So...when did you figure out you had AIDS?, 2010 |  5:45

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