30 January 2013


PLATFORM is very excited to introduce ACTIVE RESEARCH, a quarterly lecture series beginning in January 2013 and culminating one year later. The purpose of this lecture series is to investigate the idea of research as an active practice rather than a passive model. We have approached four cultural workers / researchers / artists to each offer an hour long treatise on their research methodologies and how it informs or relates to their current creative pursuits. The four participants were chosen to reflect the Centre's interest in artists at various stages in their careers (emerging, mid-career, and established) in addition to their thought-provoking and experimental approaches to research.

Marina Roy

Queuejumping  Thursday, January 31, 2013, 7:30-8:30 pm  

Red River College, 160 Princess St., main floor Roblin Centre, CGA Manitoba Room (P107)  
Presented in partnership with mawa MENTORING ARTISTS For WOMEN'S ART

Marina Roy's lecture will focus on her writing and research for a future book titled Queuejumping. Roy will discuss her art practice, cross-disciplinary in scope, which investigates the intersection between materials, language, history and ideology. Her work addresses the desire for a post-humanist perspective, counter to the dictates of anthropocentric hubris and biopolitical control. She believes that materials and objects themselves have multiple potential agency, and art can act as a bridge between culture and nature, ethics and drive.

Roy has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. In  2001 she published sign after the x (Artspeak/Arsenal Pulp), a book that revolves around the letter X and its multiple meanings. She is  currently working on the next book, titled Queuejumping. In 2010 she was recipient of the VIVA art award, British Columbia’s largest  visual art award for mid-career artists. She is Associate Professor of Visual Art at the University of British Columbia. 

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